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by audiodeluxe

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Some kind words from other people on this EP:

Radio 1 review by

Rob Da Bank (BBC Radio 1)

audiodeluxe - 'Too Late' These Joy Division dark style electronics with a beautiful wavering voice just brightened up my morning in a flash - give it a whirl!"...

The Daily Record review by

The Daily Record: audiodeluxe make adult chillout music based around the powdery, fragile vocals of Sammy McHugh. Interesting samples (a train rushing up a track is used as a lullaby on 'Treasure') add depth to the production of what could be construed as after hours come down music. However, 'The day I died' has more to offer:– spectral vocals, evocative lyrical images and a multi-tracked computer generated sound creates a world of its own. 'Too late' , cloaked in sweeping sounds, an even more seductive creation.

Stuart McHugh (is this music?)

I like it, Treasure's a good bag of differences, like the lo-fi feel contrasting with the vocal which is quite sophisticated. ' The Day I Died' kind of reminds me of Peel-era stuff like Jane Bond with a bit of almost techno in the backing. Good stuff,


Nice to hear from new favorite around here, Audiodeluxe, that their perfect-for-winter-time, warm, trippy, psychedelic tunes are now available on an EP. Self-titled, with four fantastic songs, their debut EP is right HERE on their Band Camp page. Go get it before the snow starts falling, it's PERFECT music for right now.........

Barcode* magazine review by

Barcode* magazine: I must confess to enjoying this CD considerably. 'Too Late' is a very tightly produced track, with a tasteful blend of synths, guitar and grungy vocals. It also contains a decent melodic content, promising much for the future. This 4-track EP is a bright introduction to this Duo and all 4-tracks have something decent to offer. I predict good things for audiodeluxe in the future

Losing Today magazine:

Worthy of a mention at this juncture are the two tasty releases I received recently from Audio Deluxe. Self written, arranged, produced and provided, is there any limit to the talents of these groovy souls, seems not as the evidence borne out by these releases proves. This pair of releases has been getting a severe hammering in the last few days in our house. On first hearing this collection your immediately alerted to the way they are ably equipped to alternate between friction based and sweetened melodic extremes, in some respects distantly recalling the magnificent Melys, maybe it's down to that ominous bitter sweet traits implied by the vocals of Sammy that bear similar comparisons to Wales finest female lead Andrea. Starting with the preferred selection of the two '2001 AD' the bands debut release which I have to admit is a positive minefield of mercurial melodies. Opening with 'Treasure' itself a demonic delight of sorts, with the best train samples heard here since the KLF's 'Last train to transcentral',and before you ask, no I don't have a train sound fetish. 'The day I died' persists with the same kind of snake charming sexiness and exotic panoramic grandeur as Duran Duran's 'Save a Prayer' but progressing as if re-arranged by a John Foxx led Ultravox in 'My Sex' mode cast within a darkened weave of anthemic chill set atop a sumptuous block beat spine. 'Stringthing' quickly follows in pursuit, something of a favourite it seems with the band given that it appears on both of these releases, mind you with this kind of epic sophistication you can't but forgive them for their persistence, the minute the autumnal string section kicks in your instantly pointed towards 'Complex' by Gary Numan. A magnificent thing. 'Made for Stereo' throws in some groovy bass lines for good measure with the kind of sublimely delivered rapping that recalls Curve's 'Ten little girls' but drenched in some wonderfully wayward guitar distortions with an underlying 70's style funkiness. Wrapping up the collection with 'Solid State' itself ducking and diving as it takes you through maze like scenarios dizzying with its hypnotic Cream anthem state of mind and its neat psychedelic touches, imagine the fine line between E conscious Shamen and the KLF being supervised by Giorgio Moroder.


released November 16, 2015




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audiodeluxe Glasgow, UK

audiodeluxe are a couple of part time musical geniuses from a small but ever expanding village near Glasgow, who love music and love making music.

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